Thursday, 27 November 2014

Jumbo Pippettes

The latest addition to our resources was some jumbo eyedroppers, large colourful pipettes that I thought would be great for the children's developing coordination and fine motor skills.

To gain the children's interest I provided some bicarbonate of soda with some drops of food colouring in them along with a pot of vinegar and they could not wait to get started. They were fascinated by the immediate reaction of the powder and began commenting on both the fizzing noise and the colours. 

The use of the muffin tray proved fascinating for the children also as they began to move their coloured liquids from one compartment to the other. 

These pipettes were a huge success with all ages and we shall definitely be looking out for more ways to make use of them soon.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Road Safety Week

This week is national road safety week in England and we have used this as good reason to learn a bit more about road safety. While we are regularly crossing roads and road safety is an integral part of our daily routine but this week we have focussed on why we do things a little more. 

We have been out to our local park with the scooters and looked at the purpose of zebra crossings and how we hold hands near the road. 

We have used our cars at home to enhance awareness of safe places to cross the road as well as having a traffic light theme to some of our craft this week where the children talked about the colours of the lights and what they mean.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Bonfire Night

This week we have been busy learning about bonfire night. We have talked about the shapes, colours and noises of fireworks as well as learning some basic fire safety.

After talking about what we might see at a firework display it was time to get creative. I always look for ideas that enable children to create their own work without me guiding and taking away their creativity and I loved the idea of the cutting the toilet roll to make fireworks for this reason. Some of the children kept their colours completely separate, others piled the paint all over the paper and one child created one large circular firework!

We then set about making our bonfires. We lined some fire colours up on some black paper and the children used their sponges to make a fire pattern all over their paper. We then discussed how the fire needed wood to burn and the children collected some sticks that they then stuck onto their pictures to make the fire base.