Thursday, 28 July 2016

Summer Holidays

School is out for the summer and for our last week we have had a great time despite the typical rainy British summer weather!

With the additional children we have planned several day trips that have ranged from throwing stones into the sea and collecting shell with which we made clay ornaments at Mount Batten Beach through to admiring the animal collection and looking for the escaped lynx at Dartmoor Zoo!

We have had plenty of picnics, played in parks and even used our garden for a very successful water fight. The children have had their fill of fresh air, exercise and made lots of new friends.

We wish everyone a very happy summer and looking forward to seeing our little ones back in the Autumn :-)

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Flower Sun Catchers

We have been out and about lots in this lovely summer weather and the children always admire the colours of the flowers that they see. We combined their love of nature and the outdoors with some craft by collecting some of the petals that the wind had blown from the plants.

The children sorted the petals into colours and, using contact paper on a cardboard ring frame, they began to arrange the petals into their own arrangements. The older children worked on some elaborate arrangements while our youngest picked up handfuls and threw them to the paper!

We talked about numbers, colours and shapes of the petals before covering the petals with another set of contact paper to stick them in place. Our youngest thought pressing (and punching) this down was great! We placed our sun catchers in the window and talked about how bright the colours were when they caught the sun. These made such beautiful decorations and were perfect for children of a wide range of ages.