Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Autum Play Dough 2017

Play dough is a great resource that encourages open ended play while, through its malleable nature, allows children to develop their hand and wrist muscles in preparation for writing. It encourages exploration when combined with other objects and often forms the basis for mathematical development through promoting counting and discussions about shapes and sizes. 

For that reason play dough is a much loved resource here and the children thought it was great when presented with Autumn coloured play dough together with some of the Autumn objects we collected from out and about. 

The children are encouraged to share a wide range of tools and often, after starting individually, begin to work together to create structures of invent stories. One child decided to sort out all the conkers and push them into the dough and, with encouragement, began to count the objects. 

I was impressed with the wide range of colourful results and, as ever, our school age children couldn't resist coming and joining in.