Thursday, 19 April 2018

Nurture through Nature

I was recently lucky enough to attend a training course on the importance of outdoor learning. I find this topic inspiring as the outdoor environment is so accessible to childminders.

We were introduced to the work of a particularly inspirational lady, Claire Warden. I have therefore shared some of her quotes below together with photos from the last few months demonstrating  the outdoor learning we undertake here at Berkeley Childminding to hi light the value we place on learning through nature.

Imagine a world where the lines were harsh and unyielding, the textures were consistent and variation is unheard of.  Does it inspire you?

Now image a place where the carpet changes every day, the ceiling is a myriad of different colours, light, shadow and movement. 

 The feelings and movement completely surround you, sometimes breezy, sometimes cold, others warm.

 Unexpected wonders fly by, sometimes full of colour and sometimes full of noise and movement.

 If we really want children to thrive we need to let their connection to nature nurture them.