Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Making Christmas Gifts 2017

The children take great pride in taking things home that they have made themselves as well as enjoying giving gifts to their parents. For that reason we focussed on a variety of different things that the children could take home from art and craft projects through to baked goods. 

For cards and decorations the children used their increasing dexterity to stick tissue paper to objects, spread glue and pick up small gems to decorate their items with. They used their language and understanding of the world to ask for different coloured paper and gems. We had some interesting reactions to glue on fingers with some definitely less bothered than others.   

The children were so excited to be making gingerbread shapes and all washed their hands in preparation. They took it in turns to weigh, pour, mix and roll as well as selecting cutters to finally cut out their shapes. They waited eagerly while the gingerbread cooked and were keen to tell their parents about the presents that they had made them for Christmas. 

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Christmas Tree Dough

Play dough is a firm favourite here and adding a Christmas theme to our tough ensured the children were keen to come and play. Children were provided with dough and rolling pins together with Christmas tree shaped cutters enabling them to cut out their own trees. 

Through providing jars of stars and gems the children were soon in the mood for tree decorating. Even with the same base materials the different ages and creative skills of the children resulted in a wide variety of finished products. 

This activity enabled children to practice their fine motor pincer grip together with lots of pushing and pinching skills as they worked together to decorate their trees in their own creative ways.