Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Park Play

We have had several new children joining the setting this term which has resulted in a wider range of ages and abilities within the children present and it is essential to sure that each child enjoys the activities we do. Parks are brilliant for this mixed age range of children and have so many educational benefits for each child. We have explored the rain, the water, balanced on beams and slid down slides. 

Parks promote free play - spontaneous activity that can be done without adult guidance and has been proven to promote cognitive development in children. It is driven by natural curiosity and becomes more complex as the children grow older. 

With several children not quite walking or in the early stages of toddling parks provide both space and low level equipment for the children to try out their developing skills. For older children these skills continue to emerge through navigating bridges and ramps to climbing up frames. All the time physical development and the benefits of the outdoor are being promoted. 

Of equal importance are the social skills that the children develop, particularly in the older children through the development of games. Additionally, through expressing their ideas and feelings children continue to develop their language skills. 

Playgrounds therefore enable the children to develop valuable life skills within a safe environment and we are very lucky to live in a green city with such a wide variety to chose from.