Thursday, 20 December 2018

Christmas Activities 2018

The children get so excited about Christmas it is always great fun to find learning activities based around this theme. This year we have managed to find a wide range of activities that incorporate the children's interests. 

We have visited several places within the local community that have enabled the children to socialise and view a wide range of Christmas displays. These have included the fairy tale displays at Saltram where the children discussed the lost shoe of the princess in the display. We have visited Buckland Abbey where the children discussed the size of the Christmas trees and all the items that could form part of a snowman. We finally went to Endsleigh where the children picked out letters they recognised from the display. The younger ones loved the lights and the noise and a different play space to negotiate! Furthermore we have had some lovely fresh air in this cold December weather. 

We have done several activities including using fine motor skills to decorate the Christmas Trees and Christmas themed cards to write letters in the salt. We have also explored several sensory trays that have helped the senses and exploration of the younger children and enabling the older ones to create imaginative christmas stories. 

Finally we used our crafting skills to make some lovely sponge prints to take home to our parents. The older children were able to chose colours and make lovely star prints. The younger children used the sponges (and their fingers!) to move paint around that could be cut into some festive star shapes.