Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Pizza for Lunch

The first day of the school holidays requires activities that will keep all 6 children with a 6 year age range entertained. We therefore decided to make homemade pizzas at the request of one of our three years olds. 

The children talked about the things they would like on top of the pizza, discussing what things are healthy and whether they were fruit or vegetables. We even had a request for apple which was a new one for me!

The children shared the resources, taking it in turns to spread the tomato topping on the base and then sprinkle on the cheese before choosing their preferred toppings. 

We watched the pizzas cooking in the oven as the cheese changed from its grated state to smooth, golden and bubbling as well as discussing the yummy smell. To complete our activity all the children had a yummy social meal time. 

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Childminder Morning

Each term we aim to have a themed morning with other childminders. Courtesy of Michelle Edlin Childminding we attended this lovely session in Plympton today along with merry Monkeys Childminding. The theme was junk modelling and the children created a wide range of simple characters through adding eyes and shapes to their chosen boxes and cartons. 

Additionally there was so much sensory play for the children. Our youngest members particularly enjoyed the dried rice with pots and pans that they were able to spread, fill containers with and simple bang the pots together. 

A big hit with the older children was sticking spaghetti into play dough to create sculptures and then threading cheerios onto their spaghetti. They also loved the animals frozen into ice blocks, working together to work out how to free the animals.  

These sessions are so great for the children as they enable the children to socialise in big groups and enable us as childminders to swap and share ideas with each other. All in all a lovely morning!