Thursday, 19 March 2015

Easter Craft Session 2015

Today we met up with some other childminder in a fun play and craft session. The children chose when they wanted to come and make a variety of Easter items involving lots of cutting, sticking, colouring and glitter shaking!

It is also nice for the children to participate in these big group activities in order to communicate, share and generally socialise with their peers as well as encouraging the older ones to help the younger ones when needed. 

We ended up with a variety of cards and paintings with an underlying Easter theme but still items where the children had been able to lead the designs ensuring that a unique collection of work was produced ready to take home.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Mothers Day 2015

To wish the children's mummies a happy mothers day we decided to make them a nice colourful gift. We started with some basic plant pots, some tissue paper and glue and, of course some primroses to brighten our pots when they were finished. 

 Using our Mod-Podge glue the children covered their pots and began to stick pieces of tissue paper on. They are still a little unsure about mod-lodge as it dries on their fingers and then they have to peel it off! They did a great job of making a colourful collage on their pots and I placed a layer of varnish over the top to help to protect the pots for the next stage!

We took our pots into the garden and the children used small spades to fill their pots with soil. We talked about why plants needed soil to grow as well as the importance of watering plants. The children chose the coloured flowers that they wanted and the older ones helped take them out of the containers. They moved the soil with their hands and patted it down around their plants. The results were beautiful and the children were so proud to take their gifts for their mummies. 

Thursday, 5 March 2015

World Book Day 2015

Reading is a big part of our daily routine and it has so many benefits for young children from enhancing their concentration and understanding through to developing their language and communication as well as understanding of the community and relationships. With this in mind I thought it important that we mark world book day with some fun activities. 

The children dressed up as some of their favourite characters that they have seen in films or books, using the experience to talk to each other about these stories. Following this they used our puppets to make up their own stories. 
We also chose characters from two of our favourite books, 'the tiger who came to tea' and 'the hungry caterpillar' to do some face painting. This was a big success and led to the children really getting into their story characters!