Friday, 31 May 2013

Caterpillar to Butterfly

This project has created much excitement from children ranging from one to six year of age. We purchased some tiny caterpillars and watched as they grew bigger and bigger, checking them each day and being totally fascinated by them crawling around. 

 After several weeks our caterpillars began to adopt their J shape, hanging from the roof of the pot and changed into a chrysalis. We transferred them into our net waiting for them to hatch into butterflies. 

After several more weeks and daily checks by the children one of our butterflies emerged, closely followed by the rest. The children helped to feed them sugar solution through dropping it onto flowers within their net. We also fed them orange but, contrary to popular belief they were pretty unimpressed with this! 

Finally, once we had admired our new arrivals it was time to let them go. The children opened up the net and, giving them a helping hand, off they flew. I was instantly asked when we were getting more caterpillars!

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