Monday, 28 April 2014

Our New Numeracy Exploration Area

Following some recent training I was inspired to set up a play area dedicated to open-ended maths exploration through providing a range of inviting objects for the children. I sourced a wide variety of objects that would appeal to the children such as the mini beast counters through to pebbles and scales.
Rather than directing all of the children's learning I wanted them to be able to explore the things that interested them to enhance their numeracy skills. I was fascinated with the way children of all ages were using the resources. 

The younger children can often be seen lining up the different objects, counting to themselves as they do so. The seven year old immediately took to the abacus and started playing a team game where she were counted out team points and a five year old took the clock and was asking to be shown different times, deciding what he did at those times of day if he was at home.

This is an area that I plan to extend in so many ways and the possibilities for appropriate resources are endless but it so nice to see this hands on approach to a subject that used to be dreaded by many children in schools! 

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