Monday, 15 September 2014

Social Park Play

With the lovely Autumn weather we are having the numerous local parks have been an excellent base for encouraging play and social development. Whilst the parks are fun for the children there is also so much learning that goes on here.

Outdoor playgrounds stimulate age appropriate physical development such as balance, coordination and  controlled movements such as grasping. The children have certainly demonstrated this with their climbing, operating pulley systems and balancing on logs as well as swinging on ropes and digging up sand. 

Through playing together the children have been developing their social skills and their language through working together to lift buckets of sand, pushing each other on the swings and negotiating the rules of the games they invented such as singing together from the basket swing. 

Given the importance of play for a child's development I like to take full advantage of the parks that give each child the opportunity to engage in age appropriate developmental play and most importantly, the children love it!

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