Thursday, 16 October 2014

Paignton Zoo

Today, much to the delight of the children, we had a fantastic visit to Paignton Zoo. We love visiting new places as it prompts the children to ask so many questions that they wouldn't  had they been in the same environment each day. enabling them to understand their world so much better. They wanted to know the answers to many why the stalk stood on one leg through to why the gorillas were indoors!

We looked at a wide range of animals ranging from the crocodiles and elephants through to monkeys and giraffes with the children particularly enjoying the very large elephants and the active monkeys. They also enjoyed measuring their height to see what animal they were similar too in size - we had a lot of tigers!

The children were not so sure about our lunchtime visitor - the peacock! Although we agreed he looked spectacular he was determined that he would share our lunch!

These two year olds were having so much fun that they didn't once complain about the 3 miles that we ended up walking, jumping and running but they did all grab a snooze on the way home after singing a rendition of monkeys jumping on the bed!

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