Thursday, 11 December 2014

Peppermint puffy paint

To make puffy paint I combined PVA glue, Shaving foam, poster paint, peppermint oil and lots of green glitter! The peppermint oil gave the paint a lovely smell and the glue enabled us to stick lots of glitter and sequins to the paint. 

We decided to make Christmas trees with our puffy paint. The older children decided to do outlines for their trees and fill them in with paint while the youngest children free-styled! When they had made a tree shape they had great fun decorating their trees and adding some Christmas pictures and writing. 

We left the pictures to dry overnight and the combination of shaving foam and glue makes the pictures lovely and 'puffy'! The children loved the fact that this paint was thicker and that they were able to add decorations without waiting for the pictures to dry first. We had a lot of different styles of Christmas trees demonstrating the lovely interpretations of all the children. 

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