Thursday, 22 January 2015

Garden Bird Watch Week

This week is the RSPB garden Bird Watch Week so we adopted a bit of a winter bird theme. We started off by making some bird feeders to attract the birds to the garden. 

 The children used their fine motor skills to place peanut butter around pine cones with spatulas. They then spread and sprinkled bird seed over the cones to hang in the garden. However, rather than attracting birds we did tend to attract the squirrels!

We then visited the bird hyde at Saltram house where the children looked at the numerous birds with their binoculars. Although we spotted numerous geese and ducks we also saw some garden birds including a lovely Robin (pictured above). 

Finally the children looked at some bird spotting sheets and coloured in some pictures of a variety of birds with the older children creating their own bird pictures.  

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