Friday, 24 April 2015

Sound sorting baskets

Throughout our activities we introduce the concept of listening carefully to sounds from an early age. As the children develop I start to introduce the concept of letters and encouraging them to learn the sound that the letters make. 

In addition to being able to say sass when shown the s sound and moving their arms like a snake it is important that the children are able to hear these sounds within words, something they will draw on when they start to read and write at a later age. This was a fun activity focussing on only two letter sounds at this stage that encouraged children to listen to the pronunciation of the objects in order to decide whether they started with an sss or a tttt sound. 

It took a little practice for the children to understand the task and to truly listen to the words but we got there and they had fun exploring all the objects. This is an activity we will extend over time to develop awareness of a number of letters and sounds. 

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