Thursday, 21 May 2015

Snail Craft

The children are particularly fascinated with mini beasts at the moment and we have been using the big magnifying glasses to conduct mini beast hunts in our wildlife garden. Snails are pretty rare in our garden due to our resident hedgehog but we have made some lovely snail pictures to brighten up our walls!

The children enjoyed using acrylic paints to decorate paper plates that would become the snail shells. Even our 12 month old joined in this bit using her hands to spread the paint around and then attempting to hold the brush for the first time. 

After our shells had dried the children decorated their snails, using glue spreaders to enhance their fine motor skills as well as picking up the small sequins. Finally when the snails were dry the children practised their use of scissors by cutting the top of the green paper to form lines that represented the grass. We are pleased with our colourful display!

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