Sunday, 21 June 2015

Father's Day 2015

It is always so much harder to think of ideas that he men may like for father's day but we all though they would be appreciative of some biscuits and the children love any opportunity to do some baking so we decided upon gingerbread men and stars. 

Baking is such a great activity for the children's development in so many ways including:

Personal, social and emotional development: The children took it in turns to help with the various tasks such as weighing out ingredients, pouring them in and stirring.
Physical Development: We learnt about hygiene through washing our hands and utilised a number of tools to cut and stir.
Communication & Language: The children talked about the textures and smells encountered and followed instructions.
Literacy: We looked at a simple recipe to help us.
Mathematics: The children counted out the spoonfuls of spices and looked at the numbers on the scales as they weighed out their ingredients.
Understanding the World: We smelt the spices and discussed father's day.
Expressive art and design: The children finished up with painting fathers day cards.

The children had a great time baking although I slightly underestimated the power of the oven so some of the stars were a little crispy, sorry dads!

The children also wanted to make some cards for the dads so we used some of their paintings to create letters to spell the word 'dad'. The youngest child, currently 12 months, also participated through doing a lovely handspring painting that we turned into a card.

Happy Fathers Day to all the daddies, we hope you like the gifts!

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