Thursday, 6 October 2016

Autumn Conkers

We went for a walk in one of the local parks to collect some conkers. The children found some of the conkers still in their shells and gently opened them up. They were fascinated to see some of the conkers still falling from the trees, luckily not onto their heads! The younger children explored the ground, examining the Autumn leaves as well as the sticks and conkers. 

We took some conkers home so found a variety of uses for them in the house. Young children learn with all their senses so we decided to create an Autumn sensory tray of beans and lentils with leaves, twigs, acorns and conkers. The younger children were able to feel the resources and undertake placing objects inside and outside pots while the older children used the woodland animals to create stories with each other. 

Additionally for the older children we used the conkers for counting practice. The children loved that they were able to use objects from the park and count them as well as developing their number recognition. 

We were please with all the areas of learning covered through undertaking a simple trip to the park to collect conkers:

Social Development          The children played together, sharing resources and observing
Physical Development      The children played in the park gaining fresh air and exercise
Communication                 I introduced langauge, the children discussed their findings and followed 
                                           instructions on the walk.              
Literacy                             We looked at road signs and placed Autumnal words in our play tray
Numeracy                          Children counted conkers as well as moving them into pots
Understanding the World  Children looked where the conkers fell and talked about Autumn
Expressive Art & Design  Using the animals and natural materials older children created stories.

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