Thursday, 10 November 2016

Bonfire Night 2016

With safety being an important factor of educating children about bonfire night, older children engaged in a powerpoint quiz that tested their knowledge about firework safety and prompted some discussions on how the children could stay safe if they were going to see fireworks. The children really enjoyed this and became very vocal as well as taking it in turns to move the mouse. 

This year we also decided to do some activities relating to bonfire night after the children had been out to see some fireworks enabling us to use the knowledge they had gained to prompt use of language to describe fireworks as well as engaging their artistic talents to enable them to design their own fireworks. 

For younger children I used this opportunity to enhance their sensory skills and their motor skills. They used cardboard tubes to move paint around paper, creating explosion patterns. Some of the children chose to explore the paint with their fingers while others looked at the resulting colours and also enjoyed shaking glitter shakers over the wet paint. 

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