Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Train Trip

One of the brilliant aspects of childminding is that ,with our relatively small numbers, we are able to access areas of the community that are not so easy for larger settings. Today was no exception to this. We decided to go on a train trip. The timing was perfect as many of the children enjoy the small world train track within the setting and two of our gang had been on a steam train recently so it was good to show them the modern day alternative. 
We identified the signs within the local area that gave directions to the local station and the children took great excitement from following these and telling us which way to go. Once on the platform there was great excitement about having to climb over the bridge. All children followed instructions to stand behind the yellow line for safety. We watched several trains pass through the station before ours stopped. 

We boarded the train and the conductor sold us some tickets. He was generous enough to give each of the children their own special ticket. As the train moved the children pointed out aspects of the local area they recognised before we reached Plymouth Central Station. 

While waiting for the train home we looked at train timetables and platform numbers that we recognised. The older children initiated a role play amongst themselves where they pretended to be conductors, holding out their hands for the tickets and stamping them! As we arrived back at our starting point the train driver kindly waved goodbye to all the children and tooted the horn! 

Whilst this was a simple morning outing within the nearby community we covered all aspects of learning:-

PSED: The children all chatted on the train and took it in turns as they got on and off the vehicle
PD: We walked to the station and climbed the large bridge to cross the tracks safely
C&L: Instructions were followed and many questions were asked by the older children 
L: The children looked for the letters they could identify within the station and followed signs
N: We talked about the shapes of the fronts of the trains and looked at the numbers of the platforms
UTW: The children enjoyed being out in the community and learnt how the computer screens conveyed information. 
EA&D: The children initiated role play about being a train conductor 

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