Thursday, 25 April 2013

Growing Seeds

As we have been learning about life cycles we embarked on an easy indoor growing project to show the children how seeds turn into plants. We went on a trip to the shops and each of the children chose a packet of seeds, one cress and one peas. They were very proud of their packets and each insisted on paying the cashier and carrying them home. 

 Each child filled their container with cotton wool. They then added some water (some a little more than others!). Finally they got to open their seed packets. The children compared how different the seeds were and then got to work decorating their cotton wool. The boys asked several times throughout the day if their seeds had grown. 

Over the next week we watched the seeds develop although the cress was much faster than the peas. When the cress had reached the height of the jar I set the boys the task of using the scissors to cut the cress, they loved this! 

Finally, we incorporated some literacy into the whole activity and read 'The Tiny Seed' by Eric Carle which illustrated the life of a seed beautifully.   

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