Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Sensory Play with Gloop

'Gloop' is a fascinating substance made by simply mixing cornflour with water. It is a solid that can be moulded but as it is lifted from the bowl it becomes liquid. Although it can get a bit messy the beauty of it is that when dry the gloop then brushes off of everything again! I thought it would be a perfect experience to share with my 11 month old mindee and he loved it. 

 After an initially tentative reaction I showed him how I could put my fingers in to life the substance out. He began to copy me and inspected the resulting gloop that was falling from his fingers. As he became more confident he began to use both hands, lifting it up much higher and trying to touch the gloop as it fell back to the bowl. Even after I had cleared the bowl away he found some on the table and took great fascination from running his fingers through it and banging it. 

This is a great sensory activity, encouraging little ones to use their senses and movement to explore and generally have fun!

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