Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Fruit Picking

Today we went fruit picking to pick some summer fruits much to the boys excitement. I have always tried to feed the children healthy meals and snacks and talked to them about this so fruit picking seemed a prefect way to make this more fun and let them see where their food comes from. 

The boys excitedly grabbed a contained each and chose to find some raspberries first. As soon as they were pointed in the right direction they shot off with their containers! We talked about just picking the ripe juicy red ones and leaving the green ones to ripen for other people. 

After rapidly filling a container of raspberries (and tasting just a few along the way!) the boys asked if they could pick some strawberries. After a lovely morning with tired boys and lots of juicy summer fruits we set off home. 

Using some of the fruit we had picked we made a smoothie to enjoy in the garden for afternoon snack - a great way of involving children in understanding where their food comes from and very tasty! 

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