Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Ice Cube Painting

Today has been pretty hot so I was on the search for some cooling summer activities when I came across an idea that looked great fun but was most certainly an outdoor activity - ice cube paints! Using an ice cube tray I froze diluted paints in two goes to make two-tone ice cubes. Placing some paper in our paddling pool the children were ready to start creating!

At first they explored the cubes pretty delicately, making small marks and then feeling them with their fingers. Even our youngest joined in with the sensory play, fascinated by the cold and the marks that he made. After making some pretty vibrant patterns on the paper the children decided that they would explore further and began to paint themselves turning it into a pretty messy play session with one of the children yelling, 'this is the best thing ever!'.

After a long time the children began to ask for some water so, we filled the paddling pool and the children had a great time splashing around. 

All in all this was a lovely cooling activity for such a sunny summer afternoon. 

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