Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmas Sensory Tub

Children of all ages love sensory tubs filled with lots of fun objects to play with. As we are in the festive season I thought I would make up a seasonal tub containing dyed yellow rice with added glitter for extra sparkle. For an extra sensory experience I added cinnamon which gave the entire house a lovely festive smell! I also added some baubles, golden beads and some sparkly stars as well as spoons and cups. 

The younger children had great fun filling the pots with the rice. They then initiated a game of bury the stars in the tubs and getting the other children to dig them out which resulted in peels of laughter. The older children used the tray to initiate making Christmas cakes with the baubles being used to be the cherry on the top and the string of golden beads being used to depict the icing. 

Finally the children asked if they could have lids for their pots and then made their own shakers, experimenting with the sounds the rice in the pot made. 

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