Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Tape Resist Winter Paintings

Tape resist art is a fantastic technique that enables even younger children to paint something entirely by themselves but that is good enough for them to recognise from their surrounding environment. 

As we are looking at winter this month I created a few simple patterns on some blank paper using masking tape. These included trees and snowflakes. The boys set to work using various colours of blue, white and red watercolour paint and a platted as much paint onto the paper as they possibly could. For added effect we used some glitter glue too. One the paintings were dry I removed the masking tape, showing the boys their finished pictures. 

To extend this activity for the older child present I wrote in white crayon so that as he painted, the word 'snow' appeared much to his fascination. This enabled us to talk through the letters and he worked out what the word said.

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