Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Frozen Hands

Whilst I loved the idea of the children experimenting with salt and ice, I have to confess that I found the idea of freezing hand shapes a little strange! I was proved wrong by the children who were absolutely fascinated by this activity. 

Using some latex gloves filled with water and a drop of food colouring I made some frozen hand shapes. We placed in the garden although there were a few loss digits as we removed the hands from the gloves! I then let the children loose with some salt. As the salt was added the hands gradually began to melt and the children's attention was held as the fingers got thinner. 

As the large quantity of ice meant that melting was a bit slow the children decided to speed up the process by adding some water to the salted hands. They loved trying to pour directly onto the hands and would not stop until every little bit of ice had melted! This was a great little science experiment for the children who learnt about melting and the effect that salt has upon ice.

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