Sunday, 30 March 2014

Mother's Day 2014

We have had fun this week creating some lovely gifts and cards for mother's day! We talked about mother's day and the children were proud that their creations were going to be for their well-deserving mummies!

All of the children love painting so I knew they would love to produce a paint-based gift. I saw a lovely idea in January for creating flowers using celery as a stamp and decided to us tea-towel as a canvas. We chatted about celery and then set to work. The shape of the celery enabled even the youngest children to create some beautiful flowers. We then used a smaller piece of the celery to make the leaves. 

Now it was time for some cards. We have recently acquired some lovely bright watercolour paints so using one of our favourite techniques of wax resist art the children all created some lovely bright flower pictures for their mothers day cards. 

Happy mothers day to all mums and we hope you enjoy your gifts x 

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