Thursday, 26 January 2017

Chinese New Year 2017

Due to the diversity of modern society it is important that children learn about cultural diversity from a young age. I aim to incorporate special celebrations of other cultures and this week we have been celebrating Chinese New Year. With a wide age range opresent this year I chose a variety of ways to ensure that children of all ages were able to participate in the Chinese New Year festivities. 

All children had a lovely time engaging in sensory play with noodles and chopsticks along with some colours, glitter and several other tools to develop imagination and fine motor skills. This play was extended for older children with some banners to enhance letter recognition and some glass pebbles in gold and red to promote counting and sorting. 

The older children particularly enjoyed dressing up in some Chinese clothes as well as watching a powerpoint presentation about Chinese New Year kindly provided by another childminder. We also read our Chinese New Year book showing pictures of the celebrations involving children. 

The favourite activity involved food where the children tried some egg fried rice, some noodles and some lovely vegetable spring rolls. We talked about what vegetables were used and the differences between the textures of the food.  

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