Thursday, 12 January 2017

City Centre Opportunities

This morning was a particularly wet and dull day in Plymouth so we decided on a trip to the Central Plymouth Library. Our older children enjoyed looking at the books, listening to stories and doing some colouring. They also used the equipment in the library to help return the books. They shard the books and talked to each other about what they could see.

Our youngest who is just learning to walk was in his element as, as well as being able to access many of the books, there was plenty of colourful and low lying surfaces that enabled him to cruise around and even play peek-a-boo with us!

Upon leaving the library the children noticed that the large window looked out onto the bus station. We watched the people get on the bus and leave, talking about the fact they were going to London. We decided to walk down to the bus station and after looking at a map of the city, we went to see the bus. The bus driver let the children sit on the bus and the children took it in turns to have a sit in the driver's seat with one of the children even being allowed to beep the horn! On the way home one child initiated the song 'the wheels on the bus', we all joined in!

We think we made the most of a wet morning and our impromptu visits have covered all of the areas of learning:

Social Development: The children learnt to share the books and talk nicely to their peers and other adults.
Physical Development: Our youngest had good practice at developing his walking skills whilst the older children enjoyed a good walk in the rain.
Communication and Language: We introduced new language within the bus station, followed instructions and talked about what we could see.
Literacy: The children enjoyed both listening to stories and practising their pen holding skills through colouring.
Numeracy: We counted out the birds we could see at the bus station as well as looking at number books in the library:
Understanding the World: The children developed understanding of technology through returning the books as well as being involved within the community practices of utilising a library and a bus station.
Expressive art and design: The activities encouraged creative drawing and singing such as the wheels on the bus song

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