Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Easter 2018

We have undertaken a variety of activities surrounding the celebration of Easter in order to cover all areas of learning at a level appropriate to the developmental stage of each child. 

We joined a fellow childminder for some fun Easter themed sensory play. Available play resources included rice, egg shaped cups, chicks and some spoons.. The children played with their peers creating role play with the chicks, using the eggs for counting and discussing colours and the scoops and rice for enhancing their use of tools. 

An important part of early years care is to promote healthy eating. Rather than eat chocolate eggs we decided to make our own These comprised frozen yogurt and some fresh fruit. The children tested their fine motor skills moving the yoghurt and fruit into the bowls and enjoyed sampling the fruit. 

Finally as all of the children love creativity we used some Easter egg templates to decorate our own eggs with a variety of painting, colouring, sticking and peeling. In addition the residents in the residential home that we visit on a weekly basis worked with the children to create some Easter chick pictures. 

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