Sunday, 11 March 2018

Mother's Day 2018

Children love the opportunity to make gifts and cards for their mums and mums always deserve a little treat so we make the most of our mother's day opportunity each year. 

This year the children engage in some finger painting to make flower cards. I loved the fact that using the same simple idea all of the cards were so different as children took the idea and developed it in their own way. Some of the children did very small delicate dots with their fingers whilst others swept the colours across the paper. 

We have tried masking tape templates on paper before but never on glass. This was a concept given to us by a fellow childminder. I placed heart templates on the jars and let the children paint their jars with their own style and choice of colours. After peeling back the tape and inserting battery operated tea lights the children were so pleased with the glowing end results. Hopefully all of our mummies were too!

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