Thursday, 5 June 2014


I always aim to provide activities based on the children's current interests so when a two year old came in talking about his love of dinosaurs it was time to provide some dinosaur play!

I decided this was the perfect opportunity for some sensory play with open ended resources providing such great all-rounded play opportunities for all ages. We set up a play scene using lentils and beans for the landscape with some rocks from the garden and some branches that had recently been cut down outside as well as adding tinfoil to represent the lake. We then added all shapes and sizes of dinosaurs. 

This activity engaged children aged from two to seven years old and covers so many areas of the early years curriculum from social development and use of language throughout play to using imagination and even some maths as the children compared the sizes of stones and dinosaurs. This was evidenced by one two year old who held up 'a big stone' and a 'baby stone'. 

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