Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Harvesting Potatoes

Back in March this year the children helped to plant some potatoes as part of the 'grow your own potato' project. 

Since then the children have helped to care for the plants, watering them and measuring how big they are growing. When they spotted some of the potatoes peeping through the soil they became tremendously excited about picking them. Finally, this week the day of picking arrived!

Armed with spades the children excitedly attacked the mound of soil, holding up the potatoes like they were treasure. It was also a great opportunity for a mini beast hunt with woodlice, ants, snails and spiders being discovered. 

We collected the potatoes and the children then set about washing the mud from them before they came indoors. Finally we cooked the potatoes and, after adding some butter and mint and I can confirm that they tasted delicious!

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