Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The Outdoor Kitchen

My clever husband has recently made our latest resource, the outdoor kitchen. These are great for encouraging all aspects of development from imaginative play and sharing through to use of fine motor skills and promoting outdoor play. I ensured the children had access to plenty of bowls, pans and utensils with the favourite utensil by far proving to be the rotary whisk. 

For our first use of this kitchen I decided to add some rose petals to the bowls in the kitchen as well as providing some bubbly water. This proved to be an extremely inviting combination and over the course of the afternoon children ranging from one to seven years old engaged in playing with the kitchen. 

Whilst the younger ones simply practised their coordination by moving the whisk and using spoons and jugs to scoop from one bowl to another, the older ones demonstrated considerable use of imagination. 

Without any adult prompting the resulting stories ranged from making a rose petal supper with cakes and soup through to hosting a party. One of the children even took the black board to write a list for the things he would need for his party. 

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